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Tanuki on April 6th, 2017

Red and Raw Bleeding!

I was in an anal mood, so I decided to compile a detailed list of my favorite NWOBHM albums. Like any self-important critic, I realize there's a big difference between 'my favorite' and 'the best'. My favorite Iron Maiden album is Killers, though from a critical standpoint, it'd be more appropriate to say Piece of Mind or Powerslave is their best. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's discuss how Blood Money's debut album Red, Raw and Bleeding! secured a place in my anal list.

As their motif may imply, Red, Raw and Bleeding! was a boldly aggressive and competitive approach to NWOBHM that put all of their eggs in the speed/thrash basket. Compositions are wild and uninhibited, boasting filthy guitar riffs that sound like the halfway-point between Welcome to Hell and Hell Awaits. Blood Money's commitment to high-speed assaults is hard not to appreciate; they recognized what they were best at and they doubled-down on it. To that end, ballads and methodical galloping riffs are nowhere to be found in this half-hour of vigorous speed metal pummeling.

Band frontman Danny Foxx combines Paul Di'Anno's rough-but-endearing style with Tom Araya's rapid-fire 'Aggressive Perfector' delivery. This is best demonstrated in tracks like 'Taras Bulba' and 'N.Z.F.E.D.K.'. There's reliable charisma in Foxx's vocals, thoroughly exploring an ample range and reaching an echelon of undiluted energy. They not only compliment the aggression of the furious fretwork, but do so with eccentric Tokyo Blade-style melodies as well.

Working in tandem is guitarist Gramie Dee, who is, in a word, 'bitchin'. Solos are peppery and scurrilous, as brief as can be imagined in quick and dirty tracks like 'Lazarus' and 'Death Heavy'. His rapport with the fantastic Foxx is at its most vivid in 'Stormer', creating an obscenely catchy anthem that frankly epitomizes the 80's. Though this provides a segue into what some may consider a drawback.

Blood Money was a double-or-nothing exaggeration of 80's metal, taking its known qualities and intensifying them until they resembled a caricature. It's subjective whether the result is easier to mock than the undisputed kings of NWOBHM cheese Grim Reaper, but with tracks like 'Metalyzed' and 'Deathstiny', they're certainly looking like the heir apparent. But if you're like me, you don't listen to 80's metal for subtlety. You listen to it because it sounds like Red, Raw and Bleeding!.

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maggotsoldier626 on February 8th, 2011

We're Gonna Leave You Red, Raw, and Bleeding!

This band reminds me of Anthrax, mostly the vocal style. Danny Foxx is like a Turbin-Belladonna hybrid. I guess they’re the UK answer to Anthrax. They also sound similar to Agent Steel during the “Skeptics Apocalypse” period. What can be said, these guys can just flat out thrash. They also have a punk feel for some odd reason.

Anyways these guys are all about speed and aggression. There are definitely NWOBHM traces in their sound though. Foxx’s vocals dominate the sound, followed by the guitar and drums. The bass is almost non-existent. This is typical on most underground thrash releases though. So this album still gets a good rating.

The opening track “Metalyzed” defines Blood Money’s sound. It’s a fast track with some good drum work, and one hell of a chorus. Then a solo breaks out, which is pretty good, and fits the song well. Then the track “Gor” follows. I have no idea what he says in the chorus, but it seems to go down smoothly. The riff is pretty simple with triplets dominating with a chord here and there. Overall a good track to head bang to. Then follows K.Z.F.E.D.K. Which starts off with Gramie Dee thrashing on guitar, and then the rest of the band comes in. This song has more melody in the vocals than the first two tracks. I think it sounds pretty good.

“Lazarus” starts off different, with a lightning bolt crashing down from the sky, which to me sounds like the intro to Venom’s “At War With Satan”. Once again, this song has a lot of melody in the vocals. The guitar follows Foxx’s voice very well. The solo is pretty amazing on this track. Now the title track is pure gold. This song is pure speed. From the get go the guitarist is thrashing away, along with the drummer. This track shows Foxx’s voice rising above the rest of the band and making himself standout.

“Stormer” is another quality track from these guys. Foxx does a great job on vocals. The guitarist doesn’t stop shredding, and the drummer is relentless. “Taras Bulba” isn’t a different track. This is where I think he sounds most like Belladonna. Another track that is straight up thrash. The guitarist throws in a few more chords on this one to stay in sync with the drums. “Deathstiny” is a good track with a lot of melody, the most melody out of all the songs. This is where he most sounds like Turbin. He doesn’t hit notes as high as Turbin, but its close enough.

“The Third Wish” is the longest track and has an acoustic intro, but they don’t let you down whatsoever. The guitar comes in thrashing about along with the drums. And once again the drums and guitar are in perfect sync with chord and clash being spot on. “Death Heavy” this is the final track, and it doesn’t disappoint. The drums are more noticeable on this track. The vocals are well done, and the guitar couldn’t be more perfect.

Overall this is a pretty rare album, so if you get a chance to listen to it, do it, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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DeathRiderDoom on May 22nd, 2009

Fucking Breakneck British Thrash Attack!

Blood Money (UK) – Red, Raw & Bleeding

Blood Money is a fast-paced and phenomenal thrash metal band from Manchester. Extremely obscure, their level of prowess in crafting the fine art of British thrash is exceptional, while often overlooked. Their style is excellent and furious, with each song having a distinct, energetic feel that certainly gets you banging your head. ‘Red, Raw and Bleeding’ is their 1986 debut, and blew me out of the water.

This album is a thoroughly enjoyable gem which is steeped in NWOBHM tradition with a strong ‘heavy metal’ influence in what is predominantly a ‘thrash’ album. The highlight of this masterwork is the neckbreak-paced NZFEDK, which is an acronym for some too quick to decipher chorus lyric in the song. This is an amazing thrash number with tonnes of pace and excellent thrash riffs sounding like a mixture between Discharge, Motorhead, and Venom with a touch of US thrash. A love the Venom-ous presence in this song, the riffs being rough, grumbly and dirty as all hell, with pacey drum beats and fills that shatter the spine. The shouted chorus vocal over the topic of squealy guitars packed with venom-ous punch the highlight of this f**king phenomenal track. I was demo-ing this track to any metalhead I could find after hearing it.

‘Lazurus’ is a slower number steeped in NWOBHM/power metallish sound, with an atmospheric intro packed with lightning and thunder to drive along the storyline. The chorus vocals are haunting and epic, with some production benefiting the 360 degree aspects of the guitar leads.

The title track is an all out energetic assault very much injected with a deadly amount of ‘Venom’ sure to poison anyone with a less-than ample amount of metal running through their veins. This is another supremely fast one, making use of some rumbling fast bass, and very much Motorhead/Venom guitar sound. Soaring vocals from Danny Foxx bring the song out plenty with some great held notes, before this short number is finished.

‘Stormer’ is another breakneck speed with excellent choice of fast, sttel-laden riffage, coupled to a definitely NWOBHM feel in vocals. I love how this vocalist can deliver powerful ‘power’ subject matter in extremely fast moving songs like this one. For ppoint of comparison on this guys voice, fans of Blind Fury (NWOBHM act) may be pleased to know he sounds often pretty similar.

The remainder of the album consists of a sh*tload of almost equally amazing songs. Sparing f**ck all time, Blood Money get to work crafting out high-speed assaults on the ears. A battle squad hell bent on destroying eardrums in the tradition of Venom and Motorhead. Pretty hard to pick out any weak moments – there’s no damn time – your’e too busy having your ears attacked by full-on thrash metal assault. Any thrash fan should enjoy this one, as well as fans of the bands already mentioned. Tracks like ‘Deathstiny’ have plenty of depth and are very NWOBHMy while being delivered at a high-speed. Others are raw, rugged thrash attacks, with powerful guitar leads and loaded vocals. An absolute top-notch album, I rate these guys right alongside Onslaught as the best in British thrash. Brilliant.


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