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KayTeeBee on May 14th, 2005

The Definition of French Black Metal.

Hmm.. I really don't know what to say here. This band has a pretty interesting past, as one can notice by reading interviews (if you speak or read french). Some of Epheles' work has been compared to Burzum, even Emperor.. but no. This is the definition of French Black Metal. Stuff like this doesn't come out of other places than France. Anyways... they've released 3 demos in the past, all of which were truly legendary and memorable, and this album didn't even get released, due to a label who vanished. Only a few cd-rs of this album have been distributed. Of course, I got mine off P2P, and it was fucking hard to find. Now i'm not bragging how lucky I am to be one of the few that have MP3s of this album, because it's really a shame. I wish this album actually got released and that people started praising Epheles. Sadly, Epheles will probably remain underground for a good amount of time. Anyways, they're supposedly going to record an album this year, so we never know.

Anyways, along with Mystic Forest (and all other projects of Stefan Kozak), Epheles is the BEST French Black Metal band right now. There's no useless crap or bullshit black metal wannabe riffs here - what we have, most of the time, is either atmospheric forest-like ambience, or straightforward black metal riffs which sound a bit like Malvery, but faster. Compared to Mystic Forest, this is way more black metal influenced rather than classical music influenced. Most types of feelings can fit this album - Depressive, angry, hateful, suicidal, you name it. Whatever adjective that's been used in the past to describe a BM band/album. Headbanging parts include parts such as "La Marche Des Oubliés" near 3:20. Ambient parts represent the nature in its darkest and most beatiful form, like it was thousands of years ago. The more symphonic moments give more "imperial" or "majestic" feelings, but they always keep a dark tone, like in the middle of "Ultima Venia", which sounds mysteriously interesting.

This is just another example of what French Black Metal can do. They can create many emotions, while mixing all types of riffs and atmospheres. A must if you can find it.

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Le dernier pardon track list

1Le deuil des innocents07:50
2L'oeuvre unique11:45
3La symphonie des ombres02:17
4La marche des oubliés06:55
5Sous le voile de l'éternité07:06
6Ultima Venia09:38
7Au seuil du néant02:39

Le dernier pardon lineup

NephtysGuitars, Vocals, Keyboards