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DuggieJones on July 5th, 2018

Very Solid Funeral Doom

First of all, I have to give credit where credit is due: the album art here is absolutely beautiful. Not only is what is being depicted in the cover insane, but the color pallet is extremely satisfying to look at. Everything about the cover of this album is attractive to the eye, which is always a plus. Now on to the actual contents of the album.

While I don’t have that much experience in the genre of funeral doom, this album really stood out to me, so much so that I felt compiled to write a review about it. The over all atmosphere is desolate, agonizing, and without hope. As if someone is ripping away the sky. The accustic guitar throughout the album paints a sad landscape which is then multipled by the crushing cords of the electric guitars. When I listen to Horizonless, the sadness of the music physically cloaks me, and that is what good funeral doom is supposed to do. Good funeral doom is supposed to pierce your soul and rock your entire body. This album does it all and does it very well.

A highlight of this album is the vocals. There is such a variety of vocals here and they are all perfermed excellently. From the black metal-ish wails to the deep, wet, guttural growls, I have absolutely no complaints. When the first wave of those monster pics growls come rolling out, I was wowed. Not only are they impressive, but they really fit the mood and atmosphere of Horizonless. As they pour through my earphones, I know that all hope is lost. Whatever I’m holding on to is fading away and the vocals are eating me alive.

The climax of the album (for me) is “Naught.” The somber instrumentals with the gigantic wall of death vocals is such a bold and smart move that left me extremely impressed. Loss creates the perfect combination that I never thought could work. While the album has a ton of high points, one of the only low points is the impact of some of he intrude type tracks, specially “I.O.” and “Moved Beyond Murder.” I felt as if these two tracks really took away from the overall atmosphere of the album and served more as an interruption than an intrude. However, the rest of these short tracks work very well with the flow of the album.

In closing, Horizonless by Loss is a damn great funeral doom album. It has everything you wold ever want or need: the vocals, the instrumentation, the composition, and the evidence of actual artistic talent. Listen to this album.

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