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__Ziltoid__ on August 9th, 2010

Horribly Overlooked Finndeath Demo

Agonized is a Finnish death metal band that only released one demo, the badly produced and muddy Gods… in 1991, that happens to be as great as you’d expect any Finnish death metal band to be. Now, when I said that this was badly produced, I fucking meant it! This is so muddy that you sometimes can’t hear something because of all the low and mid frequency noise.

Not helping matters is that the vocals are VERY low and VERY guttural. Of course, the vocals are also fucking excellent and work in tandem with the muddy production to produce an absolutely dirty sound in the most positive sense of the term. The riffs here are all fucking heavy as hell, as expected from Finndeath, and sound even more evil thanks to the production. This is no solos, no frills Finndeath that immediately establishes its intentions, and Agonized do an excellent job executing this style.

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Gods... track list

3Long Live the New Flesh02:50
5Devour the Saviour03:24

Gods... lineup

Mauno RoppolaDrums
Mika HautoniemiGuitars, Bass
Antti TamminenGuitars
Seraphim JVocals