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Gutterscream on December 31st, 2007

Good enough to chuck the receipt

“…death we long to see make dark subconscious reality…”

In one leap, Toranaga hurdle the fissure between the decades, leaving behind lovably putrid Peaceville and their one album deal for major Chrysalis, and begin writing some songs Overkill probably would’ve kicked to the curb. If you kindly look over to the roadside you’ll see opener “The Shrine” (for which a nearly non-existent video was made), “Food of the Gods”, “Black is the Mask” (veined kinda like omitted old-timer “The Answer”), maybe “Disciples”, and frenetic “Psychotic”, the only tune really treading thrash turf, and the track wearing the General’s hat is strong “Hammer to the Skull”, an ode to Blitz and the boys if there ever was one.

Now don’t go roasting Duffy at the stake, ‘cause his style was already Ellsworth-singed on the debut (but of course I was busy citing fourteen other singers instead). No doubt Bobby’s the better singer, but if you need convincing, just look toward the high notes Duffy can’t hit and should’ve been avoiding like biohazard. No, it’s just as much the songwriting itself, overpopulated with dandy O’kill inflections and breakdowns that survive beyond the mere level of nuance. If you want, throw in some ‘90s, less bottom-end Testament for good measure. Why not?

Consequently, with all of this US heritage spilling through the cracks in Bastard Ballads' foundation, things on God’s Gift are a bit more straightforward musically, no longer meandering mellifluously for 7+ minutes at a clip, but that doesn’t mean a track like “Black is the Mask” can’t find the band’s bells and whistles two years gone. In addition to the tunefulness found on the debut, the foursome get their hands dirty digging up some dirge-colored earth, doom-itizing the openings of a track or three while ensorcelling the entirety of “Sword of Damocles”, a fairly cool and menacing song you’ll probably remember most after tossing this back in the closet.

Lynx Studios would like to thank the scrubbing bubbles it brought along for the ride, and Chrysalis would like to salute themselves for not totally screwing this up.

So, God’s kinda cheap. I think his ’88 Christmas present was better if only in originality, but this still isn’t bad despite its mistaken identity. Hey, if you like late 80’s/early ‘90s Overkill….

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God's Gift track list

1The Shrine06:51
3Sword of Damocles05:11
4Hammer to the Skull04:22
5Food of the Gods05:54
7Last Breath of Life01:43
8Black Is the Mask05:57

God's Gift lineup

Andy MitchellGuitars
Mark DuffyVocals
Steve ToddDrums
Andy BurtonBass