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Drifting in the Crypt track list

1Female Sabbath07:30
2During My Hollow Trinity03:56
3Into the Halls of Theory08:25
5Intro - Endless Horse01:17
6The Brethren in Provenance04:58
7Sunset of Golgotha04:15
8Those That Are Sent Forth06:41
9Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant04:46
10Acrimonious Elysium04:40
11Karma Vest04:21
12Teaser's Whine04:10
13Crystal Limbs05:24
2Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant10:06
4The Golden Face08:12
5Stone Me06:23
6Without Tea Waters04:15
7To Decorate the Skies05:12
8For Lunar Reasons04:07
9In Harmony with Penance04:01
10Encrypt the Earth04:33
11Petrified Hermits04:39
12The Unreal Locations of the Period of Stones04:26
13Circle of the Hybrid Statues03:24