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MNQ666 on March 9th, 2013

Be ready for a great ride

The history of Quebec is epic and worthy of the greatest legends of this world. Our collective experience has left and will leave a legacy of our own and was able to rise to a folklore associated with a more than impressive patriotism among the people of our nation. Nowadays, a métal noir movement addresses this difficult time in his writings and the band concerned is one of them. In 2008, it released a split with Hiverna (L'Aube Septentrionale), who sold at a phenomenal speed. After two long years since the success of their first offering, Chasse-Galerie returns with his first full-length album. Will he carry his fans on a journey aboard an infernal boat or only in an ordinary canoe?

What is striking from the first run of the album is the power that releases Chasse-Galerie's music. Indeed, the musical and vocal dimensions coexist with such brutality and intensity that the listener gets completely disarmed. This wonderfuly translates the message conveyed by the texts written by Matrak, an aspect that will be discussed in more depth later on. In addition, this feature remains for the entire album, which will appeal to fans of the genre. Nevertheless, the album does not appear as the same track over and over again. Music composed by the leader of the group is well refined while being extremely aggressive . In the same vein, some details add a great variability in the melodies, for example, a passage of acoustic guitar or a languid electric guitar solo.

Musically, each member of the trio makes Ars Moriendi is a work of quality. More specifically, the voice of Blanc Feu transmits its robustness with an impressive and destructive style. It goes without saying that he is largely responsible for the energy that the release exposes. Another detail that makes "Ars Moriendi" interesting is the participation of vocalists such as Monarque (Monarque Pestroyer, Sui Caedere, Monarkh Carrion Wraith) and Goliatt (Morgue). On the guitar, Matrak and Blanc Feu (additional guitars) depict black and bloody melodies which differ from each other and remain anchored in the cortex of the listener. In the field of black metal, it is often easy to fall back into the same mold, but fortunately, this is not the case for these creations. In addition, some basic rhythm remains in the background when the lead guitar stands out for a few moments, which ensures continuity as the pieces go on. Bass guitar is way more audible than in most works related to black metal that was given me to hear. His contribution is substantial and not only supports the melody, but adds a new and pleasant dimension to discover. On drums, Cadavre got me petrified. His playing is flaming, electrifying, even hyperactive. He stagnates on a pace rarely more than a few seconds without adding variants or simply changing style. His performance is definitely one of the highlights of the album and. Finally, mastering was done by Francis C. Fortin, resulting in a more than acceptable sound quality.

Before concluding, I can not ignore the lyrical side of "Ars Moriendi". Texts, as well as music, Matrak created are inspired and inspiring at the same time. His writing style is delightful dark and poetic. It is not uncommon to see lyrics oriented on basic and dull subjects. Fortunately, in Quebec we have songwriters who put the emphasis on the texts as much as the music. Matrak is a part of these and there is no reason not to be proud of him.

Finaly, Chasse-Galerie grants 2010 with a gift that will not leave you indifferent. Their métal noir québécois features a fine roughness tinged with a strong identity in Quebec where it is good to indulge. They pay homage to our ancestors in an incredible way by exposing a cold music and exhilarating at the same time. Moreover, with all the talent and variety exhibited in "Ars Moriendi", it is difficult to tire of the trio's music. Prepare to not only take place in the canoe guided by the devil, but to be at the forefront of this luciferian trip.

‘’Soyez prêts pour la Grande Guerre

Celle qui nous accordera Notre Terre

Pour qui nos pères ont sué de leur sang

L’ultime garantie pour nos descendants’’

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Ars Moriendi track list

2Notre terre04:06
4L'ivresse des hauteurs03:41
5La patrie des sans âme06:37
6La décadence de l'aisance04:03
7Quelques arpents de neige04:39
8La horde de l'imminence grise05:30

Ars Moriendi lineup

Matrak TveskaegBass, Guitars
Blanc FeuVocals, Guitars (additional)