The Changing of Times

The Changing of Times


2002 / Solid State (Full-length)
Rating: 40%
The Changing of Times by Underoath has a score of 40 out of 100 based on 9 reviews.
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The Changing of Times Tracklist

1. When the Sun Sleeps 05:33
2. Letting Go of Tonight 01:52
3. A Message for Adrienne 04:37
4. Never Meant to Break Your Heart 03:55
5. The Changing of Times 04:08
6. Angel Below 03:23
7. The Best of Me 03:33
8. Short of Daybreak 02:43
9. Alone in December 05:11
10. 814 Stops Today 00:49

The Changing of Times Reviews

Mostly what is appealing to me about this Clearwater, Florida based six-piece is that they have the balls to separate themselves from the death metal scene that surrounds them. As you well know, that particular style, while not completely foreign to this reviewer, pervades the entire "Sunshine State". What can only be described as a metal-core, techno-ish, ambient saturated wonderment, Underoath leaves precious little to the imagination and -s...

Reviewed by Aaron McKay Chroniclesofchaos_faviconRead more on Chronicles Of Chaos